Tessa McKegg


At Louell Property Group, we do things differently.

Property management is one of our specialties, affirmed by years of expertise built on an exceptional reputation.

Our benchmarks are bold. We do what we say we will, and get it done quickly. Your home is as precious as ours and we treat it this way. Respect and innovation are at the heart of how we manage your property, select your tenants and maximise the value of your investment.

Exacting attention to detail and 24-hour client service is what sets us apart. Round-the-clock access to an online portal for tenants and owners means any issues are seamlessly resolved. With more staff looking after each property than any other agency, you're assured of responsive service. We sweat the small stuff, so you don't have to.

Tessa has started within the company from the organic level of a junior receptionist, to learning the ropes closely alongside Principal Anita Ellis of the property management department.

Working in a supportive role to the management team, Tessa will be available to help along the way.

Contact Tessa to discuss how she and the team can help manage your investment property.