About Us

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At Louell Property Group, property management is what we do.

But it’s not the only thing we know.

After 16 years in both sales and property management, we’ve evolved to focus solely on property management.

Why? Because it’s what we love. We pour that passion into every single property in our fold. That means we treat our clients’ homes as we do our own – with care, respect and long term vision.

Happy tenants make happy landlords. Tenant rapport is crucial to securing a solid investment for our clients. We make everyone happy by understanding the needs of both our tenants and landlords and matching them for the best outcome.

Louell Property Group has always been a boutique brand serving customers who expect the best. That hasn’t changed. With Anita Ellis  at the helm, we’ll continue to evolve with agility, integrity and transparency.

Ready to discover how we can create more value for you?


Looking for sales and holiday management on the Central Coast? Contact us to get in touch with our affiliate brand.